What is ACCISE?

ACCISE or Admission Center for Canada International Student Education, is an agency dedicated to helping students who want to apply and study in Canada. We are based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

What service does ACCISE provide?

We assist applicants in the entire process for studying in Canada. From the requirements to your departure, ACCISE will be there to guide you all throughout your journey.

What are the requirements to study in Canada?

Please see our Application Guide for more information. If you want a detailed explanation, you can attend one of our free seminars to be announced later.

Why use ACCISE’s services? Can’t we do it ourselves?

You can, but it will cost you more especially if you are not familiar with the process. Minor mistakes can take a few steps back or even force you to do the entire process all over again. We make sure that you don’t have to face this kind of hassle.

Why study in Canada?

Canada is a country welcoming of foreign students. Having a degree recognized abroad is a strong advantage to one’s career. Also, what is very important for international students while away from home, is the safety and security of the place that they live in without their families. In this respect, Canada is one of the safest countries to study, with very low crime rates and cases of racial discrimination.

I have a question not covered in this FAQs.

Feel free to email us at info@accise.ca